What are the best-looking new cars you can buy? Here are MotorTrend's picks

William Irvin Lewis

Who makes the best-looking cars? According to us, a rather eclectic mix, ranging from everyday cars impressively styled by the likes of , to exotic machinery penned by luxury automakers like Aston Martin and . Now, and in no particular order, these are the best-looking cars on sale this year, according to our staff 鈥 and we largely skipped the obvious picks.

Aston Martin DB12聽聽

When asked what were the best-looking cars, replied 鈥淎ston Martin. All of them.鈥 It鈥檚 a highly defensible proclamation, as the company has spent most of its century-plus run making aesthetic art into an aesthetic science. When you鈥檙e paying money, jaws should drop, and the DB12 delivers at least as well as its stablemates. An important factor in this exotic GT鈥檚 look is that it鈥檚 a classically beautiful shape, like all the best-looking Astons are, and designed just enough rather than too much. Many exotics look sexy for a decade. This one will probably look sexy next century.聽

Toyota Prius聽聽

Calling the a sexy car was a corny joke, until 2023. Now it鈥檚 simple reality, akin to saying water is wet. The Prius鈥 reputation as anti-sexy was earned as it became the poster child of environmentally friendly automobiles in the early 2000s. It was a vehicle fit for purpose, thoroughly practical and extremely cheap to run. But while celebrities drove it up to the red carpet to make a point, that point was about anything but looking good. These days, EV purists often bash the eco credentials of the Prius, and Toyota as a whole. But the Prius continues to sip gas where others chug, while looking better than just about anything else in traffic..

鈥淭he Prius is an absolute turn-around from what it once was, and it's now a very good-looking car.鈥 鈥擩ustin Banner聽

Hyundai Sonata聽聽

Another relatively recent automotive glow-up was Hyundai鈥檚. 20 years ago, the entire company was mocked in aTokyo Drift throwaway quote. 鈥淲hatchu think, imma let you roll in a Hyundai?鈥 Well, now Hyundai鈥檚 winning World Rally Championships, building some of the best performance cars on the market, and penning economical midsize sedans that look like they rolled out ofCyberpunk. We鈥檇 roll in a Hyundai. Especially the , which matches the good looks with plenty of interior space and good driving dynamics. Any family sedan that can spin tires on a whim while looking this good is punching above its weight.聽

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Genesis G70聽聽

The best-looking cars are those that turn heads decades after leaving the showroom, and we have a sneaking suspicion the will be one of those cars. Succinctly beautiful, the G70 carries less aggression but more purpose. Sleek, simple, and confident, this compact executive sedan espouses the good looks of a luxury car. All without the vents, edges, and compromises of its BMW competition.聽

鈥淚'm rather impressed with the things that Genesis has done with its sedan lineup.鈥 鈥擩ustin Banner聽

Lexus LC500聽聽

Style is the specialty. Sure, it gets rapid when you put your foot down, and it鈥檚 a devastatingly comfortable road trip machine, but just... look at it. The sonorous V-8, good straight-line performance, and available drop -op motoring are also-rans when competing with those looks. The LC鈥檚 priorities mean it isn鈥檛 as sporty as it appears, but not many cars invite you to stare into their infinity taillights. Incapable of competing with the likes of the or in handling, the LC500 nonetheless has both mid-engine sports cars beat on style.聽

Lucid Air聽聽

鈥淲hat isthat?鈥 is the wide-eyed thought of many who watch this wide, low, sleek world-beating roll by. It looks like old money from the year 2150. Sharp like a razor and elegant like a pianist鈥檚 fingers, the somehow looks smaller in person than in pictures, while carrying the presence only a full-size sedan can. Naturally, the handling, performance, and comfort of this all-electric testament to engineering all define the top of its class. But just seeing one feels like seeing a spaceship, and that鈥檚 what will stick with you.聽聽

Chevrolet Corvette聽聽

We鈥檝e reached the point where seeing a in the wild is commonplace. A more than half-century old dream is now fulfilled, and any boosts to the 鈥橵ette鈥檚 curb appeal coming from rarity or freshness have long since faded. Yet, seeing one is still striking. It still has the look of a mid-engine exotic, the hips containing huge amounts of tire, the rakish intakes, the extraordinarily racy silhouette. There are many, including someMotorTrend editors, who see the C8 as over-styled, but this is a sub-100K American mid-engine sports car. Some extra sauce is earned.聽

Toyota GR86聽聽

Thirty years ago, Toyota was building three of the world鈥檚 best-looking performance cars at the same time. The compact yet genuinely exotic SW20 MR2, the , and naturally the endlessly iconic A80 Supra. That magic, lost for several decades, is back in the . Whereas the first-gen so-called GT86 was a decent-looking sports car, the updated GR was given enough oomph to look special from the factory. The GR86 bakes some modified into a car with a classically cool silhouette, managing to look purposeful without being tacky.聽聽

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Mazda Miata RF聽聽

Roadsters are cute cars, but targa-roofed coupes are sexy cars. The Retractable Fastback version of the takes a gorgeous design and adds an air of the exotic, making a $40,000 car look like double that. Is the extra style worth the blind spot, wind noise, and extra hundred pounds of weight in one of the last remaining lightweight sports cars? One look will tell you either way.聽聽

Dodge Charger聽

The cavalcade of hate for the was predictable and somewhat understandable. Yet despite the hate directed at the top trims going electric, the style remained almost above reproach in the discourse, uncommon in the highly. Many would assume the newly electric versions of the Charger will be dead on arrival once they show up in dealers later in 2024. But can a coupe Charger with those classic Coke-bottle lines simply be overlooked? Once it starts showing up in music videos, on YouTube destroying at the track, and in movie car chases? We鈥檒l see.聽

Best looking cars on sale in 2024聽

  • Aston Martin DB12聽
  • Toyota Prius聽
  • Hyundai Sonata聽
  • Genesis G70聽
  • Lexus LC500聽
  • Lucid Air聽
  • Chevrolet Corvette聽
  • Toyota GR86聽
  • Mazda Miata RF聽
  • Dodge Charger

Photos by MotorTrend staff, manufacturers